World Class Martial Arts Reviews

Nora and Briana



My son has been training at World Class Martial Arts for a few years and I cannot say enough good things about them! The instructors are awesome and they have made such a huge positive impact on my son's life, as well as my own. They are family to us and have been a constant source of encouragement and support through some of my family's toughest times. They are amazing people!
Lisa Durrett
I have been taking my kids here for the past 3 months and they both love it so much that they have requested to go every day! I have seen them improve so much as people and in their abilities. I have just started to take classes as well since my kids kept telling me that I must. This place definitely has a great family atmosphere. They care about you, your health, and how you are doing in general. I would recommend them to any one looking to have fun, lose weight, get in shape, or just have fun.
Tammy Atkinson
This place is great for anyone who is trying to get a good workout or learn some real world self defense skills. The instructors are certified martial artists, and they really go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of the programs! If you've tried going to the gym in the past, but didn't stick to it, you should definitely check this place out. The workouts are fun, high energy, and you will definitely break a sweat. Highly recommend!
Dakota R.
When I walked into World Class Martial Arts, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was my son's first time training in any type of martial art and I was a little apprehensive about the entire situation. But Master Grey and his staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable. My son loved his first class and we joined that day! It has been 3 years since and now I am a student myself and have gotten into the best shape of my life! A special thanks goes out to WCMA, not only for the instruction but for the family that they have become to us:)
Melissa Snider
Been there since I was a little girl!! Kickboxing changed my life and confidence becoming a young women. You're treated like family there and everyone is always eager to learn and help each other. If I had kids I would take them here!
Giselle A.
World class martial arts has been amazing for me. I have had a ton of fun training with this school. The instructors are great and really are engaged. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to learn self defense or achieve an amazing body with hard work and fun!
Audrey Kidd
Second week and consistently professionalism is shown by the instructors. I am learning learning valuable skills and having fun. At my own pace, no pressure from staff, I am engaging in a fitness /self defense class that gives me energy. Staff allow you to go as slow as you need to absorb the correct technique for safety and effectiveness. I recommend this class for peace of mind, physical strengthening and proper techniques.
Jahneakia Brower
World Class Martial Arts is the ONLY place to experience martial arts in the Richmond area. They offer classes for everyone, from little ones to adults. The classes are energetic and fun while truly effective. The people who work there truly care about your success.
Kimberly Wilson
The Adult Kickboxing class at World Class Martial Arts is not only fun but an amazing workout. The instructors and the atmosphere are great. The lessons are engaging and the instructors go out of their way to help you succeed. I highly recommend World Class Martial Arts to anyone seeking a fun but effective workout.
Kimberly Wilson
World Class Martial Arts has been phenomenal since our two boys started taking classes a little over 6 months ago. They are consistently supportive and do a fantastic job working with the kids, making the lessons fun and building self-confidence - but it's not all fun and games - the kids learn skills correctly that are grounded in Muay Thai kickboxing and BJJ. Both my sons love their classes and Sensei Hodges and others have done such a great job working with them - even when a class or lesson has been challenging, they always take the time to talk to them one on one afterwards to make sure they leave feeling confident and strong - and to reinforce the lessons they've learned in each session. A fantastic place for kids and adults to learn martial arts.
Brent Sower
I can't speak highly enough of World Class Martial Arts and their knowledgeable and caring instructors! I spent a lot of time researching the forms of martial arts and finding the right place for me and my home-schooled family to train. Their dedication towards community, family, discipline and respect as well as motivating us all to excel in technique and fitness makes World Class unique among others. In just months we are all reaping the benefits physically and mentally and we look forward to their instruction for years to come!!
Mary Medina
My son is now 7 and has been enrolled at world class martial arts for 2.5 year. I am amazed at the progress he's made and how his confidence has increased! The instructors are like family to us and we trust them completely. This is an amazing program!
Kristin Netherland Ekman
My son has been taking classes here and he has been enjoying himself so much. The instructors are so kind and truly wonderful with the children. They make the lessons fun and engaging and my son looks forward to going every week.
Lynn Crookston
Makes you feel like family no matter who you are. I have gone for about 3-4 months total and they will always encourage you and be friendly. If you're looking to get fit or learn some self defense this place is the best by far. Whether you want family, fitness, or both, this is the place for you.
Luke A.
The instructors at World Class Martial Arts have been great to my family. My son has been training there during the off season of hockey, he has found the time spent on the mat to be invaluable. Thanks to all at the facility for quality instruction.
Ivan Alevy